Opening Hours

T2 - CN: online

The goal of the booking process is to help customers understand how Lotus Novia will support them during their stay at the serviced apartment.

Service booking process

Customers can book their stay at our apartment through the following channels:

Some more channels will be updated in the future.

Payment Process

You have the following payment methods:

  • Transfer 50% deposit in advance of 7 days if you go on the weekend (and 3 days if you book during the week) to our account. This work serves the purpose of closing the room for you.
  • Payment via Agoda/Airbnb channels

Check-in / check-in process

  1. Lotus Novia’s customer service will contact you to verify your ID, CCCD (original, taken online) by taking a photo.
  2. You proceed to pay 100% with Lotus Novia’s customer service.
  3. Flora Novia Building Management Board will keep your National ID Card when you check-in and will give back when you check-out.

Check-out / check-out process

We will call to inform you about the checkout time 3 hours before (9am).

During check-out, we will check the room according to the following standards:

  • Items in the room
  • Room cleanliness
  • Food expenses incurred if any


For fire prevention, please NOT SMOKING and NO CANDLE in the room.

Thank you for reading about this process.